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Show Me What You Got


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In the far reaches of the universe, Trosky, the intergalactic clown, has summoned participants from all corners of the galaxy for the wildest and most consequential contest: "Show Me What You Got." But hold on, it's not just a game—it's the last chance to save your world from imminent destruction!

Trosky, with his red nose and extravagant space attire, challenges you to mimic the poses of swiftly approaching walls. Your mission is crystal clear: dazzle the cosmic jury with your skill and avoid being caught by the fearsome intergalactic clown. Laughter and points are your only hope!

So, get into position, gear up for the performance of your life, and prove that you're the acrobatic king in this cosmic contest. Your world depends on it! Let the show begin in "Show Me What You Got!"