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Serial Tickler

  • Run Serial Tickler
    Run Serial Tickler
  • Police Incoming
    Police Incoming
  • Police Car
    Police Car
  • Tickling Stopped
    Tickling Stopped
  • Game Credits Image
    Game Credits Image
Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
Mouthing Off
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
In a world where laughter is nowhere to be heard, where every form of joy has been banned for ages, a brave, simple man begins his personal and not-requested-at-all quest to bring happiness in this world. He became known at the Serial Tickler, and a dilemma rose up. Is he the villain the police wants him to be or is he the hero that the people do not deserve, but definitely need?

Chase your victims around in an infinitely procedurally generated city and tickle them with all your might, but be aware, they are not happy about it! Run from your angered victims and escape from the police. Avoid getting hit to keep up your tickle combo and achieve the highest score!
Try to beat our best score: 17345

The music and every bit of audio are made out of mouth sounds from every jammer in the team.

The Gib Squad:
Valerio Gerace: 3D Art
Simone Venturino: Game & Level Design
Simone Della Rocca: Game Design, Programming
Leonardo Verso: 3D Art
Leonardo Berti: Technical Design
Marco Caponera: Programming
Federica Vasile: Narrative
Damiano Albano: 3D Art
Beatrice Caponera: 3D Art
Alessia Lonardi: Game & Level Design
Alessandro Martini: Music