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Don't Stand Still!

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
It's a new take on a classic favourite; Hide and Seek!

In this online multiplayer game that's bound to make you laugh, can you outsmart a friend by seamlessly blending in with other lookalike NPCs?


The Seeker (red) should run and join the game first, followed by the Hider (blue). (Game may support more players, we didn't get time to test that! Feel free to try.)
The Seeker is the player that can shoot at close range and is tasked with spotting the hider amongst the NPCs. Once they have, they should shoot them (at close range). If the Seeker correctly shoots the hider, a death animation will play, otherwise, you got the wrong guy! Keep looking!

Set your own custom rules for who wins, how long you want to spend looking and how many rounds you want to play. Close the game and re-open in a different order to swap roles!