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Here A Glass Of Water My Dark Lord


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
In Here, A Glass of Water, My DARK LORD! you take on the thrilling role of a loyal minion serving none other than the mighty Dark Lord!

MUWUAHAHAHAH... COUGH COUGH... After an intense session of sinister laughter, your dark overlord's throat is feeling parched and itchy. Fear not, for your crucial mission is to swiftly retrieve a refreshing glass of water to soothe that malevolent vocal apparatus!

Sounds simple, doesn't it? But beware, as the path to hydration is fraught with bizarre and perilous obstacles. Your very existence hangs in the balance, dependent on your ability to navigate through the unexpected challenges that stand between you and that life-saving glass of water!

Prepare for a wickedly entertaining adventure where every drop of water becomes a matter of life and death. Your dark lord's fate rests in your hands—hydrate or face the consequences! MUWUAHAHAHAH... EVIL CHUCKLE... embark on this epic quest now!
Technology Notes
All 2D assets were entirely made by us in Photoshop.
Musics were entirely composed by us in Reaper.
Installation Instructions
The downloadable version of the game is built for Windows OS only, to play on browser please go to the "Play Now!" link.

The source files zip contains the unitypackage file with all the assets used to make the game.