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Run Rabbit Run

  • Run Rabbit Run gameplay image, GGJ 2024
    Run Rabbit run screenshot

English, British (English, British)

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Lunch Special
What you don't know can't help you
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
A top-down cutesy-horror theme game where every element that would normally be intended to scare you in a horror game is instead intended to make you smile or laugh. You are a rabbit who has been thrown out of their owner's bedroom because you tore apart their favourite joke book. You now must collect these pages while avoiding getting distracted, and that is no easy task because you are being hunted by the cutest cat you ever saw which is VERY distracting and will cause you some inconvenience. When you have found all of the pages, you will be able to get back into your owners room.

This game is played with wasd for movement controls, and E for interact. Not compatible with controller.

Shared on Github:

This game has multiple considerations for disabled users:
There is only 1 level of menu screens
The language in simple, short, and clear, and primarily visual
The font size is clear and easily readable
There are regular prompts for how to play
Text and button prompts have no time limit
Every action only requires one button pressed at a time
There is no time limit to gameplay allowing players to play at their own pace
This game does not require audio to play and a lack of audio will not affect gameplay
Audio descriptors have been added for text prompts
This game does not require any precise timing of quick-time events
The control scheme in this game is simple and could be applied to any form of controller
There is a high-contrast between the background and foreground making everything in the game easily visible
Technology Notes
Visual Studio Community, Clip Studio Paint, Photopea, Blender