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A stressed worker who’s constantly changing work because of one of his coworkers that constantly transforms his tasks in a living hell. Just one problem: every time our protagonist changes jobs, his coworker follows him, as he gets fired too.

ROB: there’s really nothing to say about him. He’s always been dedicated to his job, moving boxes and stuff everywhere. It would be a perfect life if it wasn’t for his mortal, destructive, terrible enemy… BOB!
BOB: a complete idiot and nothing else. Bob’s part of a family of ten people where everyone, whether it is him, his brother, sister, dad, mom are completely the same and Rob HATES every one of them.

WASD - Movement
Hold Left Click - Pick and hold Objects
Escape / U - Game Menu
E - Interact with Shop
B - Spawn Baseball Bat

Andrea Cavigioli - Level Designer
Andrea D'Anza - Game & Technical Designer
Fabio Garripoli - Game & Sound Designer
Roberto Capparelli - Programmer
Rocco Serra - Game Designer