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Roach Simulator

  • Ingame

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Synopsis :
A young man who has just moved into his new apartment. In there he didn't know that there were actually a roach that had lived and lived there before

How to Play :
- Move the cockroach
- Hit the human
- Run when the human is in rage mode

Objective :
Hit the human until he faints

Manual :

- Human Rage mode = The human will chasing you and spray with the aerosol untuk you faint. There is timelimit and cooldown for his rage mode
Technology Notes
2D assets created in Krita
3D Models, rig and animation created in Blender
Installation Instructions
How to play play Roach Simulator :

1. Extract the zip
2. Open the roach-simulator folder
3. double click "Cockroach Simulator.exe" and enjoy the game