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Reeking Havoc

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    Title screen
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    Game narrative
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  • gameplay - beach scene
    gameplay - beach scene
  • gameplay - beach scene
    gameplay - beach scene

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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
This game is a 2D side scroller where you play as a seagull. Your main aim is to make your new seagull buddies laugh by pooping on people (within a limited amount of time - did not get round to adding this!). To play the game, control the seagull by moving it left, right, up and down. To poop, press left mouse button. You will need to fill up your poop bar - displayed on the screen, before you can do this. To do this, you need to collect foods which are scattered over the map. You have a limited number of lives, so try not to crash into the obstacles (such as ice cream vans and umbrellas). You also need to be careful of the people you're targeting, a near miss can make them angry, and at the beach a stone is never too far away. Dodge any projectiles that come your way to avoid losing a life. Your ultimate objective? Make your seagull friends laugh their butts (or wings) off before time runs out and they get bored.
Installation Instructions
Download the source files:, extract, and run the GameJam.exe from within this file - rather than the individual executable.