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Really Bad Pong 2 - old


English (English)

Linux / Unix
MS Windows
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
I did not create this under the Portland Indie Game Squad umbrella correctly. I re-created it here:

I don't know how to delete this, and I'm scared to leave the game not knowing if it will delete it.

Pong but bad.

Don't ask about Really Bad Pong 1. We don't talk about Really Bad Pong 1.

P1 uses WASD and starts on the left side
P2 uses Arrow Keys and starts on right side

W/Up: moves your paddle up
S/Down: moves your paddle down
A/D/Left/Right: jam

First to 10 wins
Technology Notes
Used Pixelorama to make the icon:

Used lmms to create the collision sound using sfxr: