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Rasta Man All An Drive


English (English)

Character: The main character is a Rasta man who dreams of running a taxi service. He doesn’t own a bus or a taxi, but he has a cart.

Objective: The Rasta man drives his cart around the city, picking up passengers along the way. However, he does this forcefully, which attracts the attention of the police.

Challenge: The police start to chase him around the city. The player must avoid crashing and evade the police. If the player crashes a certain number of times, or if the police catch up to him, he loses money.

Goal: The goal of the game is to pick up as many passengers as possible while avoiding the police and crashes. The game ends when the player receives a certain number of tickets.

This game offers a unique and comedic blend to action and strategy games. It requires players to balance the need to pick up passengers with the need to evade the police. It also incorporates elements of Jamaican culture and music to enhance the gaming experience.
Installation Instructions
P- Push cart
O- Pick people up
T- Throw
R- Radio
L- Surf cart