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  • Roomba attacking thieves racoons
    Roomba Attack!
  • Raccoons stealing objects
  • An extremely good game
    Toothless dance music
  • Racoon destroying a kitchen
  • Racoons saving racoons
    Save your fellow thieves!

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Get ready for a wild and wacky adventure in Racoomba!
Join a mischievous trio of little chubby racoon thieves as they embark on a mission to swipe snacks and treasures from a house where the owners are away while evading the evil and relentless pursuit of robotic guardians!

Navigate the house in search of treasure while avoiding a simple hoovering robot, or its counterparts armed with a circular saw, some dynamite or a shocking taser.

Delay them by destroying furniture and throwing objects.

Grab your treasure and bring them out of the house!

Can you lead this band of little chubby furry thieves to victory or will the robots catch them in the act?
Installation Instructions
Unzip the compressed file, run the exe inside