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English (English)

Linux / Unix
Mac OS X
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
There are three players in the game and each with their own controls, namely:
1 player - WASD, Q - throw, E - jump,
2 player - TFGH, R - throw, Y - jump,
3 player - IJKL, U - throw, O - jump,
The task of each player is to push out all other players with movement, bombs, barrels and weapons.
The game can make each of us laugh, because against the backdrop of the growing popularity of multiplayer, players amuse each other no less than funny photos or memes, and it is people who are capable of doing thoughtless things and making the game ridiculous, it is also important to understand that this game was made to show the true The meaning of the fun of the game does not come from the pictures, but from the Gameplay and graphics itself.
Technology Notes
It is a simple game, nothing to install or upgrade, just dowload it
Installation Instructions
Dowload zip, unpack him, enter in folder, run exe-file