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The Punslinger

  • Menu of the game
  • Story screen - same as description
  • In game screenshot of the main character in a mining cart on the tracks, with an enemy approaching
  • Joke screen, with three options for punchline
  • Enemy laughing all the way home

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
Linux / Unix
Mac OS X
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Milk. It all started with milk.

I had to leave town several weeks ago to get milk from the next town. Homeville was all out as usual.

Getting back home proved tricky, though.

Bandits have taken over the local train tracks and to get past them I have to laugh them all off the rails one by one.

Good thing I'm a decent punslinger. Let's hope I can get home before I run out of milk!

* Some assets are from Asset Pack
* Font is Special Elite from Google Fonts (
* Glass break sound is from Pixabay, with this license:

Note for Linux users:
You may have to `chmod +x` the executable to run it!

Note for Mac users:
The executable is ad-hoc signed, so it will most likely be blocked from running. There are ways to avoid this if you google it.
Technology Notes
* Godot
* Blender
* Asset Forge
Installation Instructions
Extract and run the executable