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Mr Clappy's Funky Showtime


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Mr Clappy's Funky Showtime is a one buttom rhythm game inspired by the likes of Rhythm Heaven.
You are given the role of an late night show's audience that doesn't know when to laugh, luckily there's an intern there to help you.
In Mr Clappy's Funky Showtime you only need one buttom, using your sense of rhythm and the intern's help you'll need to laugh at the right time so that the show goes on!
In longer you last the faster it gets, are you able beat your high score?
Technology Notes
Audacity used for audio editing.
Krita used for visual asset making/animating.
Heaven Studio used for song charting reference.
Royalty free audio library Pixabay used.
Installation Instructions
The download link is available on Mega.
After downloading unzipping is necessary.
The executable is located inside the ~\GGJ_directory_structure\release directory.