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Poor Little Clown

  • An anthropomorphic cat with clowns makeup and a wig, in a small room with a wardrobe full of hats and suits, a divider and an unicycle in the background.
    The Cloakroom
  • An anthropomorphic cat riding a unicycle in a big top arena
    The Unicycle
  • An anthropomorphic cat getting hit by a pie
    The Pie Throw
  • An anthropomorphic cat juggling
    The Juggle

English (English)

Linux / Unix
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Help a poor little clown cat to get big laughs in the big tent
Installation Instructions
The files in the Windows and Linux directory can be executed directly. The Flatpak needs to be installed via either the flatpak command or your GUI package manager. It's the same as the file in the Linux directory, but will provide a menu item in your launcher.