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Pizza Topo

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Lunch Special
Buttering Biscuits!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Pizza Topo takes place in an Italian restaurant. The chef de cuisine wants to prepare a pizza, already has all the toppings cut and prepared, ready to be laid out. The restaurant's visitors however are not the only ones being hungry. As the chef starts throwing toppings onto the dough, a little mouse - the player - sneaks in and eats off one topping after the next. It has to be quick though, since as soon as everything is fully laid out, the chef will put the whole thing right into the oven, which would mean the end for our little friend.
Annoyed at first, the chef starts to enjoy this little game. His goal is to get all slices prepared with classic pizza ingredients, before you can eat them off. You however aim to have the feast of your life.
Soon the pizza will be put into the oven - be quick, eat as fast as you can, or you might end up as a topping yourself!
Technology Notes
Our programmer's own custom 2D engine was used to create this project.
We are a team of three, one programmer, an artist and an audio designer.