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Pip's Quest


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
Oh No! A malicious old man has stolen Pip's nose! Help traverse through different worlds to help him get his nose back (and maybe his joy!)

AD- Move Left (A) and Right (D)
Spacebar - Jump
Q - Drop Balloons
T - Button Mash (Level 2)

A Game created by Team Valkyries

Laurine Tagum (Up2247000) - Designer (Level Design, UI and Programming)
Ephraim Mananga (Up2211122) - Designer (Level Design, UI and Music)
Felix Ball (Up2115582) - 3D Modelling ( Level Assets )
Katerina Newman (Up2191870) - 2D Artist (Clown Design, Animation and Background)
Alexis Ducatel (Up2193516) - 3D Modelling (Props)
Thomas J Cameron (Up2122783) - Programming (Mechanics)
BumbleSquash (Up778454) - Programming (Props)
ArsenicHyd (Up2213700) - 2D Artist (Villain Design)