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Panic buying

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
It was sold to a dangerous-looking pawnshop to cause an accident and build up a huge amount of debt and eventually pay it back by doing something illegal. We have no choice but to complete the pawnbroker's orders to pay for our ever-growing debts. In the pawnshop, there is a connection to the "building," a very dangerous but unusual space where you can lose your life. Today, we head to the roof of the connected " building" with commissioned goods to settle our debts.
You need to find a suspicious vending machine inside the building to get a commissioned item. If you found a suspicious vending machine, put in your coin! Then, it will spit out the items according to the vending machine's mood. If you're lucky, you might get a commissioned item at once. Let's be careful because the number of times you can use it depends on the vending machine.
Inside the building, unknown beings occupy the building. We must survive from unknown beings who are threateningly targeting us.
In addition to the commissioned item, there are used items that can beat the unknown. Let's actively utilize the used item and use it as a means of damage from the unknown. In addition, if a colleague is in danger and volunteers to help, you may be able to find a colleague.
At 21 o'clock, the door to go back to the pawnshop is connected. Let's aim to survive safely and collect the requested items and return to the pawnshop. If you survive like that, you will be able to complete the request safely within a set period of time. Then good luck.