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  • Wake up!/Go to bed!
  • Luth Fight
  • The Triangle

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
A micro-games collection using a Guitar Hero's guitar as a controller.
Inspired by Warioware, we made a series of minigames all focusing around the use of a guitar as a controller.
If you want to play, you will need a Wii Guitar Hero guitar, a wiimote, and WiitarThing.

Special thanks to Chepaki ( for allowing us to use his music in our game !
Technology Notes
This game was made with Wii Guitar Hero guitars in mind, using WiitarThing.
WiitarThing :
Installation Instructions
Have WiitarThing installed and a Wii Guitar Hero controller connected to your PC.
Download the zip, extract everything from it, and enjoy!