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:>omit (Vomit)


Chinese, Simplified (简体中文)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
现在是,幻想时间⭐《:>omit (Vomit)》是一款带有2D横向卷轴元素的奇幻风格文字游戏,表里世界的穿梭为本作的核心玩法。主角陈川是一个仍处于试用期的职场新人,木讷羞涩的他却有一个丰富到有些荒谬的、充斥着网络Meme的幻想世界。他努力地维持着现实生活与幻想世界的平衡,但生活的压力不断涌来,平衡也随之被打破。面对职场生活的道道难关,他惊奇地发现,解决问题的办法除了日常生活的循规蹈矩,还可以通过脑中的幻想世界来改变现实事物的进程。但进入幻想世界的方法似乎有点不太健康……

踏上一场穿越现实与想象的旅程,在《:>omit (Vomit)》中体验交织的精彩。跟随陈川穿梭于职场生涯的曲折,在保持主角心理的极乐与理智平衡前提下,探索他独特而滑稽的幻想如何成为克服困境的强大工具。准备好迎接一次非同寻常的冒险,解锁陈川特有而幽默的想象力,重塑他在职场的命运!

It's fantasy time now⭐!":>omit" (Vomit)" is a whimsical text game with 2D side-scrolling elements, where the core gameplay revolves around the concept of Fog World/Otherworld. Meet Chen Chuan, a rookie in the corporate world still on probation. Despite his shy and reserved demeanor, he harbors a vivid and somewhat absurd fantasy world filled with internet memes.

Chen Chuan strives to maintain a balance between his mundane reality and the fantastical realm he envisions. However, as life's pressures intensify, this delicate equilibrium shatters. Confronted with the challenges of corporate life, Chen Chuan is astonished to discover that solutions to problems extend beyond the conventional norms of everyday life. By delving into his imaginative world, he can alter the course of real-life events. Yet, the methods of entering this fantasy realm seem a bit unconventional, perhaps even a tad unhealthy...

Embark on a journey through the interplay of reality and imagination in ⭐":>omit". Follow Chen Chuan as he navigates the twists and turns of corporate life, under the premise of maintaining the balance between bliss and sanity of the protagonist's psychologyexploring, explore how his unique and comical fantasies become a powerful tool in overcoming adversity. Get ready for an unconventional adventure, unlock Chen Chuan's peculiar and humorous imaginative powers, and reshape his corporate destiny!
Technology Notes
Art Creation Tool: Aseprite, Pixel It, CSP