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Nom Nom Hippo

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
A game dedicated to the hippos of Frederiksberg Zoo; Mette and Komtu!
2 Players share a game controller: one for purple Komtu and one for pink Mette.
Use your dedicated flipper to fling fruit into the air and then cronch the fruit when it is close enough to your mouth! Most fruit wins!

All artwork was created out of real-life play-doh, captured with a low-budget-photo-booth then imported into Godot Engine.

Purple Komtu
Left Shoulder - Flipper
Left Trigger - Cronch

Pink Mette
Right Shoulder - Flipper
Right Trigger - Cronch

Only works with Xbox and Playstation controllers! No keyboard; we want you to play with friends or foes. :)

Giorgia Lombardo - Art Director and 3D Modeller -
Andy Touch - Developer -