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No veranda for old man

Arcade game in which Player is an old, grumpy man that fights with his good, nice memories. The main goal of the game is to not get amused and not to laugh.
Player loses when is made to laugh. The dreams, memories are the enemies of the man. The scenery of the game is a veranda/porch of the house and the part of garden.
The old man operates on the veranda by moving Up or Down. The enemies are coming towards the Player from right to left of the screen in 2,5D view on 3 rows/lines.
When emeny reaches the veranda, Player loses 1 part of the SAD FACE, if it happens 4 times, face trasnforms into SMILE FACE and Player loses.
The smile FACE is supported by the laughter of the old man.
The enemies are: a wooden mug of beer on womens legs, the ball and the televison set.
To shoot an enemy Player must use the correct combination of the keys "Q, W, E". Each combination of the keys is generated randomly for a new proceeding enemy.
When Player eliminates 5 enemies in a row acquires PowerUp. PowerUp elminates all enemies that are present on 1 row. PowerUp is used once by hitting SPACE key.