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needs no explanation

  • dudes be flying from plaform-ing
    dudes be flying from plaform-ing
  • bro be waiting
    bro be waiting
  • not gamba arch disorted
    not gamba arch disorted
  • me and my bodyguards at maze
    me and my bodyguards at maze
  • spending my money wisely
    spending my money wisely

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
Get readty fot the funny!
Make the boringh adults all happy by ticking them or thowing funny barrel at them! funny xDDDD
Find em all and get cool cosmetics from ~gamba~ shop yes, hbappy!

Parody of the modern games industry. We refuse to elaborate.
! We strongly recommend turning your volume down to avoid hearing loss. !

zeezaa Level Design, Management, Texturing
Arty Yes
Jaketzu Programming, Gameplay Design
Veeti 3D Modeling, Texturing

wasd / stick to move
left click / X to tickle
right click / Y to throw barrels
shift / ??? to sprint
esc for inventory and menu
and so on...
Installation Instructions
unzipper opener