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  • In the throneroom, the Jester and the King facing each other. On the bottom the dialogue options.
    The First Joke
  • The Jester and their spouse holding hands after their wedding.
    The Happy Ending

English (English)

Mac OS X
MS Windows
The King is depressed, and unable to see to his realm. The Queen and the Royal Court have tasked you, the Jester, with cheering the King up. Choose your best jokes and earn a reward for your success - or fail, and face punishment. Experience the escalating endings to this branching visual novel, and see if you can save the realm!

Click first "How to play" before you press "Play".

Aada - Game Development
Chiley - Game Art
Satu - Game Art
Lauri - Storytelling
Vili - Voice Acting
Technology Notes
Programs used:, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity
Installation Instructions
1. Download the .zip file.
2. Right click the .zip file and "extract all".
3. Open "Narri-html" folder.
4. Double click "Fullscreen".