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Cat Alone


English (English)

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Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang)
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Out of many, one
MS Windows
Web standard
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Protect your home and jewelry from cunning thieves! Set traps for them, collecting resources in the house, and enjoy watching them suffer.
The goal is to prevent thieves from taking all the treasures from the house and also to drive all the thieves out of the house.
You can set traps for enemies; they become available as soon as the player accumulates a sufficient number of resources. To pick up a resource, just walk up to it.
If a thief falls into a trap, he loses part of his health, and also drops a jewel if he stole it before. At this point, the player can return it to its place by walking up to it and standing for a while.
If a thief leaves the house with a piece of jewelry, it is considered stolen.
Thieves also take time to open doors or windows. Remember this!

Controls: WASD + mouse