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English (English)

Tools and Technologies
Pierre Dillon is going on vacation. As he drives with the music blaring, he suddenly brakes, the tires screech, bam, the car flips over. A tree in coolax mode had just crossed the road, sipping a drink in hand without caring about any potential humans around.
Pierre Dillon is unconscious; he finds himself in hell and must quickly reach the exit... MwaaaHaaaHaaa...

The game allows you to connect to any Twitch channel of your choice through the Twitch menu. You can then interact with the game by sending commands in the chat.
Twitch commands: toasty, tongue, lol (case-insensitive)

Keyboard shortcuts:
Moove : zqsd or Arrow key
Run : Shift
Jump : space
Restart : Echap
Technology Notes
Connection to Twitch Chat & Chatbots via Relay Chat (IRC)

And especially Hummus, Tzatziki, Guacamole, pizza, pasta, candies.

Special thanks to Grisbouille Toasty Cat.
Installation Instructions
Unzip and run the MwaaHaaaHaaa.exe file.