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Minigame Circus

  • A shot of the Ball Walk game scene
    Ball Walk
  • A shot of the Player swinging on a trapeze
    Trapeze Swinging
  • A shot of the player flying through a flaming hoop in the Trapeze game
    Trapeze Through The Flames
  • A shot of the game selection world
    Game Select

English (English)

Linux / Unix
Mac OS X
MS Windows
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
Minigame Circus is a small collection of Physics based Circus MiniGames. Try your hand at Ball Rolling and Trapeze Swinging.
Each Level has three Difficulties. Interact with the button beside the level to Toggle between them.

Play with Keyboard and Mouse using 'WASD' to move, 'Space' to Jump, 'Shift' to Grab, and 'E' to interact

Created By: Austin Dwyer and Tiernan Kingzett
Technology Notes
*Unity Tools*
- Odin Inspector

Synty Assets
- Polygon Prototype
- Polygon Particle FX
- Polygon Icons

Heathen Engineering Asset
- Flat Icons [Free]

Amplify Studios Asset
- Amplify Animatiions