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FF XXIV Remake : Fraud Fantasy RPG

  • banner of the game FFXXIV Remake : Fraud Fantasy RPG, featuring the helmet of a knight with a small flag on top of it
    FF XXIV banner
  • a camp scene, where the adventurers are exchanging information about their next quest
    Introduction scene : the camp
  • a fight scene, where the four adventurer are facing the boss of the dungeon
    Last mission : the Great Demon Lord fight

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English (English)

MS Windows
Web standard
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O dear adventurer, you are summoned to Misty's Forest in order to fight the demons that are haunting these woods.
Along with your companions, you shall suffer hardship to reach the Great Demon Lord, the bloodthirsty beast terrorizing the nearby population.
But fear not, your adventure is bound to succeed!... As long as you follow my instructions.

☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔

FF XXIV Remake is a small ARPG created during the Global Game Jam 2024 with the theme "Make Me Laugh". Our team worked for 48h on it, and is proud to show you the result of our work !

In Fraud Fantasy, you incarnate a warrior who, accompanied by a ranger, a mage, and a bard, has been given a quest requiring them to defeat the Great Demon Lord, the demon haunting the forest's dungeon. This seems to be the most classic adventure, with a camp, some challenges, and a boss fight. But fear not, that's not all that is to the game. You might have to replay it a few times to understand all of its secrets, but we can guarantee you a good laugh when you see all of what this game has to give you.

☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔ · ☘⚔

For a more complete version to come, don't hesitate to visit the game's page on itch !