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Make my day

  • player one getting hit by a jumping uppercut
    high octane, high risks, high rewards!
  • player one poses as he wins
    Glory is reserved only for the best!
  • the selection screen for assigning randomized inputs
    No use for button checks, you play with the hand you're dealt!
  • an example image for a finalized input setup for two players
    Outplay your opponent (or yourself) with the keys you assign

Simple English (Simple English)

English (English)

Language neutral

Game Diversifiers
White Noise
Linux / Unix
Mac OS X
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
The Big Man is big bored. Fight to the death for his amusement!
To make things more interesting you shall have to select your keys from the provided options, all the while having to modify your actions' behaviour between rounds!
Technology Notes
art tools used:
- Aseprite
- gimp (dryheave)
- ms paint
audio tools used:
- Audacity
- Lovely Composer
- FL Studio
Music by:
Installation Instructions
unpack and play