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Make Me Laugh


English (English)

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Linux / Unix
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
There is a world: full of dark humor and it works in its own mysterious ways. That world has its own insane laws that eventually lead to the creation of TV show called Make Me Laugh. The host and judges of this show-dark humor masters and true maniacs. They are capable of murder without even touching the participants of the show. Their lust for inadequate fun makes weak ones to take their own lives.

The player who decides to take a risk on the arena, will have to complete different quests that need quick reaction with hint of jokes.The host and judges will test the player constantly. They are looking for twisted sense of humor and savviness that will be applied in difficult situations.Otherwise, if the player fails to meet the requirements he or she will face a lethal danger.

Every game phase is a challenge, where your willingness to take a risk and inventiveness will become your best tools to win.

The player will have to learn how to entertain cruel judges and tell the difference between regular and a dark humor in order to survive
Technology Notes
Yumeko de Vill(Inna Varchenko) - Game Developer, Programmer, Captain of DeVilCorporation.

Schoola(Nikita Shkola) - UI/UX designer, Story and Narrative, 2D Arrtist

b.b.omg 228(Bohdan Boiko) - Character designer, 2D Animation, 2D Artist

CroVVhite(Andrew Baramba) - Idea game, Music composer, Sound Designer

The following programs were used:
- Unity,
- Pixel Studio,
- Aseprite.
Installation Instructions
After download unpack the archive and click on .exe file (Windows)

After download unpack the archive and click on .x86_64 file (Linux)