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Make me Lauf


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
Endless runner, inspired by endless runners. We made a joke out of the "f" sound at the end of "laugh", turning Laugh in the german word "lauf" which means "run". Funny, right? C'mon you giggled a little. I know it!
So basically we just combined an endless runner with a bit of a Idle-esque upgrade system, where you can buy upgrades regarding run speed and spawn rate of the ingame currency, for which - who would have guessed? - you can buy more upgrades.
so... not good, not particularly unique, but you know... a game jam. little time, crazy people, some alcohol. there you have it! Have fun!
Technology Notes
Megascans assets used, CoinCollect Sound provided by - THANK YOU!