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Make It stop!

  • oh no what have you done with pressing this button !
    on no what have you done
  • where did all these buttons come from
    where did all these buttons come from

English (English)

Linux / Unix
MS Windows
You find yourself with a button and a text which states that you shall press it, so what would any reasonable person do?
Right click the button!
But since you didn't know what the button does , it starts of unforeseen events.

Try to find a way to stop what you have unleashed by pressing even more buttons.
Doesn't everyone love buttons .

Featuring a narrator stuck with you in the chaos which will lead to aid you.

How to start it :

- Install love2d as described on the webpage
- drag and drop the <game>.love file into the exe / run it via command line / open the love.exe and drag and drop the

- install love2d via a package manager (sorry don't have an app image as of now)
and installation instructions on their web page
- run love <path_to_game> <>
- should be similar to linux
What do I do ?
- If you find yourself stuck , try finding more buttons.
Follow the narrator

Why can't I click these buttons ?
- If you can't click the button probably someone is talking to you in the bottom part of the screen !
- wait till the narration aspect is done and you can continue clicking

There is no sound !
- yea sorry there was not enough time :(

It exploded !
- if you find any issues , sorry for that , there will most likely be fixes ind the github
you can also simply add a issue ticket with what and where you had an issue and I will
try to fix it !
Technology Notes
Lua + the love2d Framework (version > 10.0)
lots of own created helpers !