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Make GPT Laugh


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Imagine a dystopian future where generative AI has taken over everything. You have been assigned to make Chat GPT laugh. Accomplish this mission or suffer the consequences.

The player is supplied with 10 words. They must put any amount of these words in an order to attempt to create a funny sentence. This “joke” is sent to ChatGPT for rating. If ChatGPT rates below a certain threshold, the player dies. Otherwise, the player lives to play another round.

The player character physically pushes blocks to a submit zone. Each block has a word written on it. After the player has put together a sentence from these word blocks, they step on a button to register the sentence that has been construed. It is this sentence that Chat CPT judges.
Technology Notes
Chat GPT 3.5 API
Installation Instructions
Windows OS only.
Unzip the Make GPT file and run the Make GPT Laugh.exe file.