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Mailman Mayhem

  • Caught from behind!
  • Run for your life!
  • Keep running!
    Yes, that is all there is.
  • Main menu
  • Falling down will get you caught!
    The dog will be happy!

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
"Mailman Mayhem" is an exciting, fast-paced game created for the [Global Game Jam at NBCC Miramichi]. In this endless runner game, players take on the role of a dedicated mailman who finds himself on a thrilling chase, evading a relentless pursuit of dogs that increase in number as the levels progress. The game is inspired by popular endless runners such as Subway Surfers, but it adds unique challenges and a quirky narrative twist.
Installation Instructions
Unzip and double click the Trippy_team.exe to play.