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The Amazing Weird Circus by ArtemPlayHey!

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English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Corona SDK
You are trapped in the Circus, so you must survive until you can find escape.
How to play:
You are alive until castle isn't destroyed.
Another survivors come to camps at the start of the day.
Win condition: survive 10 days.
WSDA - moving.
hold LeftShift - sprint while moving
hold Space/LeftCtrl - hire and command another survivors.
You can block enemy attacks at the cost of your health.
Abilities cost your health - so use them properly.
1 - active ability: I bet you didn't know about your ability to be a great lightning rod!
Installation Instructions
1) Download .zip
2) Unpack .zip
3) Inside folder run .exe
4) Try to survive in The Amazing Weird Circus!