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Let Me out


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
In this game, the protagonist is hospitalized due to illness and makes a good friend. They got along fine, but my friend was very ill. In the process of accidentally helping the patient to get medicine, the protagonist mistakenly ingested the medicine originally given to the patient. So he fell asleep and fell to bed. In the middle of the night, the protagonist woke up because of urination, but found that the light was dim and the door of the ward could not be opened. Strange voices came, asking the protagonist to finish the decryption game. The answer is to slide to release himself, and the protagonist is able to slide while looking for something in the room. Eventually find a banana on the counter and slide it with the peel. But the door still won't open, the voice comes again, and the puzzle is plural. The main character is angry and wants to smash the window to leave. Find the prop smash the window and jump. Because the floor of the house was very low, there was no serious damage. Later, the protagonist asks the nurse and discovers that the door can be unlocked from the inside, only because the lights are too dim for the protagonist to realize the drama.