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The Legendary recipe


English (English)

Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
A game about not very capable cook in terms of taste, but very capable in terms of use her dishes in different ways. She with her magic companion embark on a journey to find the Legendary recipe because thats indeed how you`ll become a master chef, not through some training and learning in kitchen
Installation Instructions
We coudnt make a tutorial so here are addittional info
Your goal is collecting parts of recipes scattered across levels

1. To use first available cooking power "Bowl of sticky porridge" hold left mouse button and aim to the surface you want to move to.

2.Pay attention! With using cooking power you lose one of the portions that show with a cauldron icon on the upper right corner of the screen. You have limited portions of dishes on each level.

3.. You can get through the levels only when the dishes are fresh. Freshness show with a timer on the upper right corner of the screen.