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Leeroy Jenkins' Untimely Adventures

Our Concept
Leeroy stumbles upon a time anomaly and enters a time loop in which he travels through various eras. Up to four players can assume his identity and compete for the title of the one and only Leeroy Jenkins across the multiverses. Roll the dice to progress through the board, answer trivia to earn points, and collect artifacts to close the time loop and return home.

Our Team
We are Valentin Brutaru, Marius Bercaru, Teodora Paula Dascalita and Radu Cornea. We decided to create a board game related to time travelling an parallel universes, where everyone can embody the spirit of Leeroy Jenkins, whose life is all about adventure. Had to go through a couple of iterations with the game, where at first it was a PvE cooperative one. However, it ended up a PvP trivia game where players compete with each other to earn points and collect time-lost artifacts in hopes of freeing Leeroy from the time loop he's stuck into.