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Laughter Blaster


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
One Sheet, One Game
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
In the years following The Great Mess-Up, the alien race known as Grumpians finally freed itself from the clutches of corporate greed and the endless exploitation of the environment for profit! As successful as they were, however, the world was already a mess and a lot of people had lost all hope and now wandered around with no real purpose.
Our main character, Cero-Tonus, is a forest spirit who has been instructed by the Mother to utilize any resources that she can find to heal the minds of those who struggle. As nature started reclaiming a lot of land that was no longer used for maleficent purposes, Cero found more and more technology that she put together to make the Laughter Blaster! That's all she needed to take on the world and bring peace and happiness to Grumpians!
Installation Instructions
1. Download game file (.zip)
2. Extract files
3. Open LaughterBlaster.exe
4. Enjoy!