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Tools and Technologies
LaugHELL is a vertical shoot em up bullet hell game. You are playing as Deu, who, for some reason, decided to gather a humor group... from the whole different world. (Time constraints and lack of developer's skill only made this game to have one stage, three were planned).

Arrows - move
Z - shoot
Shift - focus

Gameplay info:
You have limited amount of bullets, but they actually can be picked up. Every certain amount of bullets you pick up, level up happens. If you end up using all your available bullets, your bullet level resets.

There are no bombs in this game.

Power level influences your shooting.
Technology Notes - Haxe framework
HScript - scripting for Haxe
HIDE (I only used it for particles)
For content creation, I used:
Aseprite for pixel art
Reaper for music and sounds. Used plugins: BassMIDI VST (with SGM2 soundfont), NES VST, Magical8bitplug 2.
Installation Instructions
Play it on, it's web only game.