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Laugh Me Another One

  • Psychadelic arena filled with colorful characters. An alien creature approaches you while you hold a tiny green man

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Woodstock vibes
All For One
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
A Surrealist Nightmare First-Person Action Game where you throw a tiny man at mouths on arms to tickle them and make them open their mouths so you can feed them candy and then they ascend? It's a game show.

- Titus Morrison
- Lance Morrison
- Ivo Morrison
- Daphne Morrison
- & a bunch of jammers from Kent State University who contributed Funky Little Guys for the audience
Technology Notes
Made heavy use of Sirenix's "Odin Inspector" plugin and More Mountains' "Feel" plugin for Unity.
Installation Instructions
Extract the .zip, then run "Laugh Me Another One.exe" on your Windows PC!