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Laugh to Last


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Welcome to the cheerful world of "Laugh to Last"! You control a vibrant character who thrives on laughter and fun, even in the toughest situations. Your hero wields a unique weapon - a cannon that shoots fluffy feathers. Your goal is to amuse enemies to the point that they transform into funny little chicks!

Key Features:

Jovial Hero: Take control of a humorous hero who is always in good spirits and loves spreading joy.

Fluffy Feathers: Your weapon, a cannon, fires fluffy feathers. Hitting enemies with these feathers turns them into comical chicks.

Waves of Merriment: Enemies spawn in waves, with each successive wave bringing more foes, including regular, enhanced, and massive boss-like characters.

Bonus Boosts: Collect bonuses to elevate your mood! Enhance reload speed, movement velocity, or receive additional doses of laughter.

Laughter Level: The game doesn't have a health bar. Instead, your hero has a laughter level. If the laughter level gets too low, you lose. Keep things amusing and emerge victorious!

"Laugh to Last" is an engaging game where the confined world is brimming with laughter.