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Funny Bunny Battle


English (English)

Web standard
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
In this whimsical turn-based laugh battle, you're on a mission to tickle the King and his guards' funny bones to escape the life in the dungeon. Command your duo of merry Bunnies, each wielding unique comedic talents, as you strategize to crack up the royal court. From jokes to slapstick antics, outwit your foes and uncover their weaknesses amidst a riotous symphony of humor. It's a battle of wits and giggles – are you ready to jest your way to freedom?

Use "Up" and "Down" Arrow Keys to navigate choices
Use "Enter" to select abilities or enemies.
Technology Notes
Used Aseprite for pixel art and Animations
Installation Instructions
Download Godot Game Engine. Unzip and open in engine.