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The Last Laugh


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
This game is a top-down 2d stealth action, set in a distant future where laughter is contagious. An organization has recently developed and utilized a biochemical weapon that they have used to, rather easily, seize complete control of the city. This weapon, a virus causing uncontrollable laughter and extreme aggression, has been unleashed upon your people in an attempt to annihilate possible opposition. A group of rebels, one of the last hopes of this city, has been losing their people day by day to this outbreak, and their numbers are thinning. You recently joined, and are tasked with finding some way to deal with this, through either a cure or some way to ov6=-erthrow the organization. By navigating through the desolate streets, to infiltration of the enemy base, The fate of the people in the city, and possibly the world, depend on your success.