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The Last Laugh

  • The Last Laugh
    The Last Laugh - Intro

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
GameMaker (any product)
Depose Saint Nick and take their legendary laugh for yourself in this short text-based adventure!

The game comes with a modern AS (artificial stupidity) -solution to help those unfamiliar with classic-style text-based dungeoneering. It knows what is best for the story.

You need a mouse and a keyboard to play. Follow instructions on screen, use ENTER to submit your written prompts and mouse to select autocorrected-options.
Use Escape to run away.

Tested in windows only.

Might contain typos. Does not currently have sounds.
Technology Notes
Google docs was used for dialogue planning.
Installation Instructions
The game should install just by unzipping it. There should be a single .exe file used to run it.

Refer to game maker studio -instructions on how to import the .yyz-project file.