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The last laugh


English (English)

Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
In a world forsaken by humanity, where the echoes of civilization linger in the remnants of a once-thriving society, a lone figure traverses the desolate landscapes. Meet Zaraq, a one-eyed alien with an insatiable curiosity, driven by a quest to unravel the mysteries of an apocalyptic demise that left the Earth devoid of its human inhabitants.
As Zaraq navigates through the skeletal remains of cities and the haunting silence of abandoned spaces, a peculiar revelation begins to unfold. The threads of extinction lead back to an unexpected source—pop culture. What was once dismissed as mere entertainment now stands as the enigmatic catalyst behind the catastrophic event that erased the human race from existence.
Embark on an extraordinary journey alongside Zaraq as you navigate the relics of a forgotten era, solving puzzles, battling remnants of a bygone society, and uncovering the unexpected ties between pop culture and the downfall of humanity. Will Zaraq's quest for understanding lead to redemption, or will the alien visitor become the last witness to the quirks and calamities of a world undone by its own obsessions? Prepare to explore a post-apocalyptic landscape like never before, where the mysteries of extinction are intertwined with the bizarre influence of pop culture's final act.