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Lamb Out Loud


English (English)

MS Windows
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
Embark on an epic shepherding adventure in "Lamb Out Loud," where you and a friend join forces to herd a mischievous lamb back to its cozy confines. Brace yourselves for a delightful yet challenging journey as you confront the wily antics of the rebellious lamb. This woolly troublemaker refuses to yield, testing the limits of your patience and teamwork.

But that's not all – navigate through a whimsical landscape filled with random obstacles and peculiar items, each adding a delightful twist to your herding escapade. The path ahead is fraught with surprises, making every step an unpredictable challenge. You may find yourself dancing around unexpected hurdles, overcoming quirky impediments, and strategizing with your teammate to outsmart the mischievous lamb.

While it's entirely possible to tackle this mission solo, the true magic unfolds when you team up with a friend. The synchrony of your efforts will be the key to success as you work together to corral the stubborn lamb back to its rightful place. Are you up for the challenge? Gather your herding skills, rally a friend, and immerse yourselves in the charming chaos of "Lamb Out Loud" – the ultimate test of collaboration, wit, and, of course, a touch of sheepish whimsy!
Installation Instructions
1. Extract the ZIP file onto windows into a desired directory
2. Run The Executable (.exe) inside the directory
3. Play The Game!