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Klunk Delivery

  • You are a Klancky!
  • Grab anything!

Portuguese, Brazil (Português, Brasil)

Game Diversifiers
Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang)
Sharing is caring - (Sponsored by Github)
Modern Blacksmith
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
A reality show begins, and our competitor will need a lot of skills with their soft body to deliver things. Jumps have never been so difficult, hitting is a torment, but none of this will be impossible for the winner!

Watch the reactions of the commentators and be careful with your opinions, as they can destroy you. Are you "the shame of the profession"? Spectators will laugh, ads will appear, all to make you laugh and bring joy.

And all this for what? Why not a big pastry and of course... a million (of corn)!

Watch us in this "Klunk Delivery"!

-- GROUP --

Caio Hudson (Programmer):

João Vítor Falcão (Game Designer):
My team itch:
My own itch:

Fernando Augusto (Game Artist):

Samuel Azeredo (Game Artist/ Level Design):

WASD or Arrows: Move the character around

Space: Jump

Mouse Button (Left or Right): Extend your hands and grab walls and other stuff

Esc: Exits the game
Installation Instructions
Only descompact the .zip file in KlunkyRelease and run the executable file