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Kitten Around

Play as a cat exploring a neighborhood for the last few days before your owner moves away, taking you with them! Who knows, you may just meet some unusual characters...

Explore the neighborhood each day in search of cat-quaintances - make sure to spend time wisely each day, getting to know them, making them laugh, living in the meow-ment?? You may become more than just friends!

Tutorial help:
- Remember to explore! It is not immediately obvious where the datable cats are hiding, you have to explore around to find them each day
- There is a golden light coming from your house at spawn. interact with this to progress to the next day when you run out of action points
- you can only speak to a cat if you have an action point, and you consume one each time you have a conversation.
- Unfortunately due to time constraints, there is only one days worth of dialogue which is shared among the days, but you can still build up affection with one cat in order to win them over at the end of the game!
Installation Instructions
Fair warning, Unreal Engine 5 did not let us package the game, so instead we are uploading the project files. In order to run it you will need a version of Unreal Engine 5.2 or higher installed