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King's Court: Jest or Share

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Make the king's court laugh and become the king for a day.

It is the king's court. The king and his ministers sit at a roundtable; a grim frown on all of their faces. The royal jester has fallen ill, leaving the king's court without humour. Who will make the courtroom burst into laughter? And what rewards await those who can? Find out in King's Court: Jest or Share.

Each round, a king is chosen who designates one of the court members to act as the royal jester. The jester can then choose to jest (tell a joke), or share a piece of amusing media (could be a meme, funny video, audio, drawing, image, etc.) in a common online chat room. The court (including the king) then votes on whether each member found the act amusing or not while the king tallies the score. All that said and done, the next court member is put under the spotlight, and the cycle continues.

PS: Players with accessibility needs get extra time to prepare and present their act.
Technology Notes
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